The Dallas Police Channel One Radio Transmissions of November 22, 1963

Copied and Updated by Russ Shearer.

Most experienced JFK assassination researchers would agree that to really understand the events as they happened on November 22, 1963, it is essential to have an accurate transcript of the Dallas police radio transmissions. The time of several important events can be approximated by studying the transcripts for the time checks given by the police dispatcher at several different points in the radio transmissions.

My good friend, and long time JFK assassination researcher, Russ Shearer, has made available for the readers of his transcript of the Dallas Police Department Channel 1 for November 22, 1963, between the hours of 12:15 PM and 2:13 PM.

How Russ came to produce his transcript is an interesting story. About 20 years ago Russ bought a copy of the Dallas Police Department Channel 1 transcript from a vendor of assassination literature. This purchased transcript was authored by assassination researchers: Mary Ferrell, Arch Kimbrough, and Judy W. Bonner. When Russ received the transcript he noticed that this particular copy was extremely difficult to read. The text of the transcript was very small and the quality of the copy looked to be several generations down from what the original copy should have looked like. At this point, Russ decided to make a clean and user-friendly copy of this almost unreadable transcript.

Working intermittently for about six months he was able to produce a finished first version early in 1990. This was accomplished by first retyping the poor quality transcript, which he had purchased, on his computer as best as he could interpret it. Once his newly typed transcript was completed he listened to the best quality taped copy of the Dallas police transmissions that were available at that time with a high-quality headset. Through this comparison process Russ was able to fine-tune the dialogue of any transmissions that he was unsure about.

The version that Russ has made available to be placed on this website is in a PDF format. This means that the researcher can very easily search the entire transcript for any words or numbers that they might be searching for.

Many thanks to Russ Shearer for his generosity in providing this wonderful research tool, free of charge to anyone that is interested.

-Bill Drenas