A Book Review of JFK Conspiracy: The Missing File

For anyone that is interested in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, former Dallas Police Officer and Sheriff of Dallas County, Jim Bowles has written a terrific fictional novel that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their knowledge of the details of this crime that shook the world.

Jim does a masterful job of creating a fictional conspiracy by connecting it with known historical facts and circumstances of the assassination.

This fictional conspiracy is organized by an “Old Man,” who is a Texas millionaire dissatisfied by President Kennedy’s political policies. The “Old Man” recruits individuals from the Dallas Police, the F. B. I., the C. I. A. and the Secret Service to help him plan, carry out and to a certain extent “cover up” the assassination. These conspirators spend a great deal of time and energy to set up Lee Harvey Oswald as the patsy for the assassination that is actually carried out by a professional hit man.

I have been a student of the assassination since the 1960’s and have read many books on this subject. Some books can be too boring because of technical information or because they offer complicated stories that are difficult for the reader to follow. Jim’s book is a good read that I found to be very enjoyable.

My favorite parts of this fictional story are the private meetings when the conspirators discuss the details of the plot and ask certain pertinent questions that have occurred to them. The conspirators take turns in explaining the answers to these questions in their field of expertise. (After 45 years of investigation many of these questions have still not been totally answered by serious assassination researchers.)

The beauty of this novel is that Jim has been able to weave in as many important historical details and explanations of the many events involved that keeps the story moving along and also holds the readers interest.

I give this book 5 stars, and would highly recommend it to anyone.

-Bill Drenas March 15, 2009

JKF Conspiracy: The Missing File by Jim Bowels

Do You Believe:

Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy?

Oswald was a patsy?

Ruby was a mob "hit-man"?

Read this novel...

Then decide.

This novel follows known facts, but introduces a conspiracy angle. Considering the known facts, could this have been a conspiracy?

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